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Classic Automated Answering Systems

June 17, 2012

I called my car insurance company today.  As a former Verizon rep, having called all sorts of 888 numbers, I am pretty pro at navigating the worst automated answering systems out there.  Two things I learned at Verizon are, most systems do not simply make it easy to take care of your business, and that you can usually tell from the beginning of your call if this is a system you’ll have to actually FIGHT to get through.  Anyway, today’s call to insurance wasn’t difficult, but it was a prime example of the more annoying systems.

It started with having to wait to dial my extension.  Which was tolerable, but I had to press pound (#) first and pound after.  Okay, I coast through.  Whatever, big deal, right?  Move along.  Then it had me verify the extension, which started me getting ticked off at the robotic voice.  Okay, I pressed # to verify that, and then it repeated the name of my party.  It stated its office hours.  “…and Saturdays, 9-4:30.”  Right now it is Saturday @ 10:38 AM.  I wasn’t surprised when it then told me no one can reach my call, and that I should leave a message with my claim #, name, and phone #.

That’s fine, I have my claim # right in my hands here.  I prepare for the prompt that will command me to enter it:

“…you are unable to leave a message because this mailbox is full.  Thank you…” *click*

A major corporation with a full voicemail box.  Hmm…

Simple enough system, but totally unproductive as you can see.


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